Korean Movies Dubbed In Hindi List (2019) Updated


Here Is The List Of Hindi Dubbed Korean Movies. Here Cinewindows Provides You List Of Hindi Dubbed Korean Movies With Some Typical Information Like Starcast, Director And Year. This List Is Not In Any Order Like Ratings Or Release Date, Movies Are Just Randomly Listed.

1. Train To Busan

list of hindi dubbed korean movies - train to busan

Star CastGong Yoo
Ma Dong-seok
Jung Yu-mi
Kim Su-an
Kim Eui-sung
Choi Woo-shik
Ahn So-hee
Directed ByYeon Sang-ho

Plot: Seok-woo and his daughter are on a train to Busan on the latter’s birthday to see his wife. However, the journey turns into a nightmare when they are trapped amidst a zombie outbreak in South Korea.

2. Oldboy

hindi dubbed korean movies - oldboy poster

Star CastChoi Min-sik
Yoo Ji-tae
Kang Hye-jung
Directed ByPark Chan-wook
RemakesAs Zinda(2006) in Bollywood
Starring Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham, Lara Dutta
As Oldboy(2013) In Hollywood

Plot: A man, held captive for no apparent reason for years, is given a cell phone, money and expensive clothes and released. Unless he finds out the identity of his captor, an even worse fate awaits him.

3. War Of The Arrows

war of the arrows

Star CastPark Hae-il
Moon Chae-won
Ryu Seung-ryong
Directed ByKim Han-min

Plot: A Korean archer goes up against the mighty force of Mongols with the sole purpose of rescuing his kidnapped sister.

4. Shadowless Sword

hindi dubbed korean movies - shadowsless sword poster

Star CastLee Seo-jin
Yoon So-yi
Shin Hyun-joon
Directed ByKim Young-jun

Plot: In ancient Korea, the prince of Beahae has been assassinated and the kingdom is in turmoil. So-ha, a beautiful but deadly female warrior, is sent to find Prince Jeong and place him on the throne.

5. Commitment


Star CastChoi Seung-hyun
Han Ye-ri
Kim Yoo-jung
Directed ByPark Hong-soo

Plot: The son of a North Korean spy follows in his father’s footsteps to protect his younger sister.

6. The Tower

hindi dubbed korean movies - the tower poster

Star CastSol Kyung-gu
Kim Sang-kyung
Son Ye-jin
Directed ByKim Ji-hoon

Plot: Tower Sky, a luxurious building complex, has organised a lavish Christmas party for its VIP guests. However, things go wrong when a fire breaks out and thousands of lives are at risk.

7. The Suspect

the suspect

Star CastGong Yoo
Park Hee-soon
Directed ByWon Shin-yun

Plot: Betrayed and on the run, a North Korean agent (Gong Yoo) tries to uncover the volatile secrets hidden inside the eyeglasses of a dead man.

8. The Target

the target

Star CastRyu Seung-ryong
Lee Jin-wook
Yoo Jun-sang
Kim Sung-ryung
Directed ByChang

Plot: An ER doctor teams up with an assassination target to rescue his wife, held hostage by corrupt criminals and, in the process, uncovers a conspiracy.

9. Arahan


Star CastRyoo Seung-bum
Yoon So-yi
Ahn Sung-ki
Jung Doo-hong
Directed ByRyoo Seung-wan

Plot: When martial arts expert Wi-jin brings home an injured policeman, Sang-Hwan, the six masters of Tao train him to be a Maruchi, a powerful warrior. Along with Wi-jin, he must fight the evil Heuk-woon.

10. The Divine Move

the divine move

Star CastJung Woo-sung
Lee Beom-soo
Directed ByJo Bum-gu

Plot: A professional GO player (Jung Woo-sung) gathers a team to help him carry out his revenge against the man who killed his brother.

11. Tidal Wave

tidal wave

Star CastSol Kyung-gu
Ha Ji-won
Lee Min-ki
Kang Ye-won
Park Joong-hoon
Uhm Jung-hwa
Kim In-kwon
Song Jae-ho
Directed ByYoon Je-kyoon

Plot: Geologist Kim Hwi visits the Haeundae beach amidst millions of tourists as he is convinced of an impending Tsunami. His worst fears may come true after being denied by the disaster prevention agency.

12. Sector 7

sector 7

Star CastHa Ji-won
Oh Ji-ho
Ahn Sung-ki
Park Chul-min
Directed ByKim Ji-hoon

Plot: A team of oil rig workers fight for their lives to escape becoming victim to a ferocious monster lurking at two thousand and five hundred meters under the sea near the island of Jeju in South Korea.

13. Okja


Star CastTilda Swinton
Paul Dano
Ahn Seo-hyun
Byun Hee-bong
Steven Yeun
Directed ByBong Joon-ho

Plot: A young girl risks everything to prevent a powerful, multinational company from kidnapping her best friend – a fascinating beast named Okja.

14. Dragon Wars : D-War

dragon wars

Star CastJason Behr
Amanda Brooks
Robert Forster
Chris Mulkey
Directed ByShim Hyung-rae

Plot: According to a legend, dragons will return and devastate the planet. During investigation, Ethan learns that a girl, with a mysterious illness, named Sarah can help him. Can they save the planet?

15. The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale

the tiger an old hunters tale

Star CastChoi Min-shik
Jung Man-sik
Kim Sang-ho
Sung Yoo-bin
Directed ByPark Hoon-jung

Plot: A tragedy makes Man-duk, a revered hunter, give up hunting. He keeps declining the government’s requests to hunt down the last remaining tiger in Korea until his own son suffers the beast’s wrath.

16. Confidential Assignment

Confidential Assignment


Star CastHyun Bin
Yoo Hae-jin
Kim Joo-hyuk
Directed ByKim Sung-hoon

Plot: Im Cheol-ryung is a North Korean officer chasing Cha Ki-seong, a dangerous criminal, who flees to South Korea. South Korean detective Kang Jin-tae helps Cheol-ryung hunt him down

17. Quick

quick movie

Star CastLee Min-ki
Kang Ye-won
Kim In-kwon
Directed ByJo Beom-goo

Plot: Gi-soo, a motorcyclist, receives a call from a mysterious man who threatens to blow up the bomb that he has planted in Gi-soo’s helmet if he fails to deliver a package to the said address on time.

18. Tube

tube movie

Star CastKim Suk-hoon
Bae Doona
Park Sang-min
Directed ByBeak Woon-hak

Plot: A terrorist (Park Sang-min) hijacks a Korean subway train and rigs it to explode if authorities cut the power.

19. Mr. Go

mr. go

Star CastXu Jiao
Sung Dong-il
Directed ByKim Yong-hwa

Plot: The story of Ling-ling, an elderly gorilla, whose claim to fame is that he plays baseball for the Korean Baseball League.

20. The Admiral: Roaring Currents

The Admiral Roaring Currents

Star CastChoi Min-sik
Ryu Seung-ryong
Cho Jin-woong
Directed ByKim Han-min

Plot: Admiral Yi Sun-sin faces a tough challenge when he is forced to defend his nation with just 13 battleships against 300 Japanese enemy ships in the Battle of Myeongryang.

21. Operation Chromite

Operation Chromite

Star CastLee Jung-jae
Lee Beom-soo
Liam Neeson
Jin Se-yeon
Directed ByJohn H. Lee

Plot: American General Douglas MacArthur sends eight members of the Korean Liaison Office, led by a South Korean Navy Lieutenant on a secret mission far behind North Korean lines to carry out Operation X-ray.

22. Volcano High

Volcano High

Star CastJang Hyuk
Shin Min-ah
Kim Su-ro
Kwon Sang-woo
Heo Joon-ho
Directed ByKim Tae-kyun

Plot: Kim is expelled from his eighth school and finds himself at Volcano High where students fight to possess a treasured ancient document. Kim, who must resist from using his Chi, is caught in the middle.

23. Snowpiercer


Star CastChris Evans
Song Kang-ho
Tilda Swinton
Jamie Bell
Octavia Spencer
Directed ByBong Joon-Ho

Plot: Survivors of Earth’s second Ice Age live out their days on a luxury train that ploughs through snow and ice. The train’s poorest residents, who live in the squalid caboose, plan to improve their lot by taking over the engine room.

24. Fabricated City

Fabricated City

Star CastJi Chang-wook
Shim Eun-kyung
Ahn Jae-hong
Directed ByPark Kwang-hyun
IMDb Rating7.0

Plot: After Kwon, an exceptional gamer, is wrongly framed for murder, he along with his allies decides to find the real culprit and prove his innocence.

25. The Host

The Host

Star CastSong Kang-ho
Byun Hee-bong
Park Hae-il
Bae Doona
Go Ah-sung
Directed ByBong Joon-ho

Plot: An unidentified monster appears from the Han River in Seoul, kills hundreds and also carries off Hyun-seo. When her family learns that she is being held captive, they resolve to save her.

26. The Warrior’s Way

The Warrior's Way

Star CastJang Dong-gun
Geoffrey Rush
Kate Bosworth
Danny Huston
Directed BySngmoo Lee
CountrySouth Korea
New Zealand

Plot: A warrior refuses to kill an infant from the enemy clan and flees with her to an American town. Now he must save himself, the baby and his new friends from the wrath of his own clansmen.

27. The Art Of War 3 : Retribution

The Art Of War 3 Retribution

Star CastTreach
Warren Derosa
Sung-Hi Lee
Janet Carroll
Leo Lee
Directed ByGerry Lively
South Korea

Plot: Agent Neil Shaw is tasked with preventing a terrorist group from obtaining a nuclear bomb. However, he gets entwined in a murder investigation, thus pushing him off track.

28. The Front Line

The Front Line

Star CastShin Ha-kyun
Go Soo
Directed ByJang Hoon

Plot: The final battle of the Korean War determines the border between the North and the South.

29. The Spy: Undercover Operation

The Spy Undercover Operation

Star CastSol Kyung-gu
Moon So-ri
Daniel Henney
Go Chang-seok
Directed ByLee Seung-jun

Plot: Chul-soo, a secret agent in South Korea, lies about his work to his wife Young-hee, a flight attendant. When he travels to Bangkok for an assignment, he finds Young-hee with a man named Ryan.

30. Red Cliff

Red Cliff

Star CastTony Leung
Takeshi Kaneshiro
Zhang Fengyi
Chang Chen
Zhao Wei
Hu Jun
Shidō Nakamura
Lin Chi-ling
Lawrence Lee
Directed ByJohn Woo
Hong Kong
South Korea

Plot: Cao Cao, the Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty, coaxes Emperor Han to wage a war against two kingdoms in order to unite China. However, the two regions form an alliance to defend themselves.

31. Chaw


Star CastUhm Tae-woong
Jung Yu-mi
Jang Hang-sun
Yoon Je-moon
Directed ByShin Jung-won

Plot: Rumours about a man-eating pig make rounds in the small-town of Sammaeri. Chun Il-man, along with his team, decides to fight the giant killer beast.

32. Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Illang The Wolf Brigade

Star castGang Dong-won
Han Hyo-joo
Jung Woo-sung
Kim Mu-yeol
Directed byKim Jee-woon
Release DateJuly 25, 2018

Plot: In 2029 an elite police squad combats a terrorist group that opposes the reunification of the two Korean states.

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